Astoundingly Good – Better Recording Than My Philips And Sony Voice Recorders

I have now been using this voice recorder for just over 3 weeks in a variety of scenarios to include meetings, a lecture and a concert performance and I am impressed by its consistent performance.

I was anticipating this to probably be on a par with a typical smartphone for voice recording – but it isn’t. The inbuilt stereo microphone is highly sensitive and produces very crisp and clear recordings whether close to the subject eg in an interview situation or in a large lecture room or meeting.

It is also more versatile than some other voice recorders in offering a 3.5mm jack input and even includes a wearable clip-on microphone. I found the recorded audio level was lower using this method but it’s better for cutting out background noise, eg when recording just a conversation without too many distractions. Thanks to its tiny size (9.5×3.5×0.9cm), I was able to use it discreetly when rehearsing for a choir performance to check whether I was in tune with the rest. Nobody spotted it and it’s a very good learning tool for this!

This is the ideal voice recorder for interviews, meetings (handy to recap when taking minutes), student lectures (no need to make notes and I always find it easier to learn by listening a lecture playback than poring through pages of notes) and rehearsing your own presentations. It can also be used as an MP3 music player too and in-ear phones are provided for personal listening.

I was also very pleased to see the connectors for recording telephone calls too. Of course, to be legal, the other party must be informed the call is being recorded and for occasions when I have had to make a legally-recording of a conversation, I wish I had this recorder then. This is also the first voice recorder I have seen with telephone recording adapters included.

I also have a Philips recorder – but this Heretop model is more sensitive and, as a devout Sony fan, I almost don’t want to admit that the sound quality actually beats my much-loved, used-daily Sony recorder (although it doesn’t match Sony’s build quality). If I lost any of my voice recorders, having used them all extensively, I can genuinely say that this Heretop model is the one I would replace which has surprised me. It’s also cheaper than the others.

The only very slight niggle is that the memory can’t be increased above its built-in 8GB but with simple USB connectivity for downloading and recharging, it’s not an issue to download recordings when regularly used, as mine is.

I recommend this in complete confidence that its performance will not disappoint.

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