Very good for recording up to six feet or so

A very nice lady named Jennifer offered me a free review copy of this voice recorder, and I was happy to ask for it to review here on Amazon.

I love going on long drives — my King Charles Cavalier named “Clive” taught me to drive for 50 minutes or so, then stop and take a walk or whatever — Clive “needed” to mark tires on semi-trailer trucks and was very diligent at doing so every time we stopped. He is gone now, but I still stop at least once and hour and enjoy each stop.

While driving, I focus on driving, of course, but often have “great thoughts” that would be lost to posterity — or at least my pixel collection of great thoughts.

8GB voice recorder

This voice recorder is perfect for my use — I keep it in my shirt pocket and is very easy to click on or off and dictate into. Range is perfect while driving, even over traffic of music noise, much better than my iPhone. And, surprisingly, my iPhone does a great job of picking up the playback so I can email those great thoughts to myself and my computer later.

This recorder is small and I appreciate the ease of carrying it, not only in my car but also when hiking — although with an arm strap I sometimes dictate into my iPhone so I can email the results.

A very solid feel in the hand, a sense of quality that I really like. I think you can record over 75 hours at highest quality, more with lower quality, but I’m not a techie and I don’t really need more than ten or so hours.94 hours, you can choose lower quality for longer recording time.

I can’t make a judgment yet on long term reliability — I’ve only used it for 750 miles of driving and 50 miles of hiking, but will revert if it fails that test — I tend to be rough on my equipment.